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Maethelvin – Composer Series 005

Maethelvin – Composer Series 005
This is a big flashback to the the legendary Valerie Collective. Eight years after the birth of Valerie and six years after the „Valerie and Friends“ compilation which is an absolut classic in this time. Now Maethelvin marks his official debut with the highly anticipated CS005, bringing together his first compositions—entirely remastered just for your enjoyment.
Representing Maethelvin`s amazing sound, listen to one of my favorite tunes of summer 2010: „Delight“!


Hear all tracks of the album below:


Also listen to Maethelvin`s special mixtape including all of his major influences.


Anoraak – Made-up

Anoraak returns with an amazing brandnew and unreleased song called „Made-up“. You can here the song in Anoraak`s new video below which was filmed in Los Angeles last October, made by Marjory Déjardin.

„Made-up“ is a first impression of Anoraak`s upcoming album (more informations coming up soon) and it`s introducing the US and Canada „Drive Tour“ 2012 with Anoraak, College and Electric Youth. Check out the dates below.

On the top of all that great news about Anoraak, listen to a promo remix of „Made-up“ by the excellent „Les Loups“ from Hannover, Germany below the video and download it for free.



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Les Loups



College: „Teenage Color (Horror Machine Remix)“

Horror Machine is a 18 year young french producer from Quimper in the Brittany of France. He is giving away his felicitous remix of College`s 2008 track „Teenage Color“ as free download. Grab it! It`s great!