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Pegase: „Without Reasons E.P.“

Finally the debut EP of Pegase is out today. You already heard the demo of the title track „Without Reasons“.  Beside the second song on the E.P. „The Sad Side Of Life“ there are excellent remixes of Without Reasons by Equateur, Ruckazoid, Les Filles Et Les Garçons and Giraffage. It`s a must to get it here on iTunes.



Pony Pony Run Run: „Sorry (Pegase Remix)“

Two excellent and good old known Nantes artists in combination. Pegase of Minitel Rose who is moving forward his solo-career, did this remix for Pony Pony Run Run`s „Sorry“. There is a remix EP coming soon with remixes from Douster, sayCet, Francophilippe & more.

After the release of their second album in february Pony Pony Run Run are on tour now in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Listen to the Pegase remix below and get the full album on iTunes or Deezer.



Pony Pony Run Run on Facebook

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Pegase: „The Bad Side Of Love (Teaser)“

Pegase debut EP is coming on apiril 23th. Here is a teaser of the 2nd single „The Bad Side Of Love“.




Pegase: „Without Reasons (Video)“

This is the first music video for Pegase of Minitel Rose with his soloproject. Pegase succeeded with his song „Without Reasons“ a dreamy, kind of blue but still lucky sound. Making me happy to see how Pegase is developing his extraordinary sound which will hopefully bring him his deserving success. Maybe with some gigs in Berlin while playing „Without Reasons“… Buy the song on iTunes.

The video is directed by Incredible Kids. Watch it below.

Pegase – Without Reasons (Official Music Video) from Incredible Kids.



Zemaria: „Instant Lover“

Check out brazilian band „Zemaria“ with their new track „Instant Lover“ which is produced by Raphael Pegase of Minitel Rose who`s also coming up with his first solo release in early 2012. Hope to get more soon!



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