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Joakim: „Labyrinth“

Dubbed the Godfather of French Electro by I-D magazine and considered to be royalty of the French electronic music scene, Joakim’s diverse and trendsetting musical tastes have earned him a pretty damn big global rep.

On the Labyrinth EP you can catch Joakim’s darker DJ friend extended mix, a lush analog slow burner from Canadian duo and Domino Records regulars the Junior Boys, an even slower – borderline chopped and screwed – melodic mix from UK producer Lone and a dirty arpeggiated beast from Deadstock 33s and Stopmakingme.

Future Classic have been working with Joakim in Australia for some time now – touring him down under, partying and hosting shows together, trying to get him to go surfing with us and even getting him to put some club touches on Future Classic alumni Mitzi.




Best of 2011 – Nr. 2: Mitzi: “All I Heard”

Number 2 of the best tracks in 2011 is „All I Heard“ by by four guys from Brisbane, Australia who are called „Mitzi“. “

All I Heard“ was their first E.P. on Future Classic. Perfect to have a real good time on the disco dancefloor, and feel refreshed. Maybe the publicity of this is a little bit underrated but already at listening for the first time to it i noticed this is something extraordinary with an impressive effect. Play it and everybody feels fantastic!


Mitzi – All I Heard (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band)


Also have a look at the video!




VillA: „In The Mix – Best Of 2011“

This is pretty cool. VillA made a mixtape with their best of 2011 and put their most important ones in one hour. At the end you can hear 54 songs into it including Poolside, Tiger & Woods, Das Pop, Sebastian, Darius, Shit Robot, Punks Jump Up, Chilly Gonzales, Pharao Black Magic, Mitzi, Jupiter, Yuksek, Hercules & Love Affair, Metronomy, Oliver, Xinobi, Friendly Fires, Mustang, Gesaffelstein and much more. So have fun.