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Acid Washed: „For Your Eyes Only / Prince Acid“

Acid Washed`s first EP taken from their forthcoming full length pursues the same quest as their anthem „General Motors, Detroit, America“: ambitious & suave techno music, to be played loud in a club or to listen to in your couch.

„For Your Eyes Only“ must be an ironic title although the band probably intend to bigup their hidden third member: British designer Anthony Burrill, who brilliantly designs their sleeves, videos and live shows. The subtle sounding tune develops subtely into a synth melody hook that you want to hear again as soon as it stops. Halfway between Space’s „Magic Fly“ and Giorgio Moroder, „For Your Eyes Only“ is a chillout instant classic! The remix work stayed in the family with Arnaud Rebotini producing the perfect techno remix with his very own touch; one for late nights, or early mornings.

„Prince Acid“ is the first of a series of collaborations that Acid Washed have started for the album sessions. This one is with Prince 85. The track is another melodic tune, a weird slow groove with some melancholy and a bit of nastiness. Anthemic as hell, one more time!

Acid Washed have found their sound, those two new tracks are the proof of that. Be prepared. Get this EP on Juno.

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