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Anoraak – Venice Mix

Anoraak just dropped out his amazing new „Venice Mix“. It includes an exclusive unreleased Anoraak-remix of Trésors „Pleine Lune“ which will be out on March 25. We are also looking forward to a new Anoraak-album in this year. More infos coming soon.


1. Kamp!: Melt
2. Pyramid: Wolf (Crayon Remix)
3. p e a c e FIRE: Death By English
4. Acquarium: Wind Sails
5. Cut Copy: Zap Zap
6. French Horn Rebellion: Love Is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon Remix)
7. Forgotten Illusions: Crystal Contour
8. Montevideo: Horses (Zimmer Remix)
9. Lazy Kiss: 00’s (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Remix)
10. Blackjoy: Moustache
11. Jupiter: Hoola Hoop (Vagenta Remix)
12. Trésors: Pleine Lune (Anoraak Remix)


URB Presents: Sally Shapiro

Today we want to call attention to this podcast-mixtape by Sally Shapiro which they made for Los Angeles URB Magazine. As you know Sally Shapiro is a swedish duo including a same-named female singer and the also well known producer and DJ Johan Agebjörn. In this mix they formed their typical italo-touched electronic-disco by some older and new tunes and we like it a lot. Don`t miss it and keep it as forthcoming standard on your mp3-devices. Glossy, cheezy, lovely!



1. Biosphere – The Seal And The Hydrophone
2. Samoa Park – Tubular Affair
3. Sally Shapiro – I Dream With An Angel Tonight (Lovelock Remix)
4. Mitch Murder – Glass Cities
5. Tensnake – Show Me
6. Chris Malinchak feat. Damon C. Scott – No Secrets
7. Tom Hooker & Miki Chieregato – No Elevation (Flashback Remix)
8. Walter Jones – Talk To Me
9. Bottin feat. Jupiter – Sage Comme Une Image (Club Mix)
10. Sally Shapiro – This City’s Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me
11. Hot Cold – I Can Hear Your Voice
12. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari – The Thracian Plain
13. Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Looking For What (Johan Agebjörn ft. Sally Shapiro Remix)
14. Krister Linder – Dare



Zimmer – Cinematic | September Tape

Zimmer is here for you with his Cinematic september mixtape. Best way to get fit for the weekend. Like always brilliant mixing and extraordinary good track selection. Watch out for Zimmer`s own fresh Jupiter remix and Chic Rework including the september tape. Epic!



Mixtape Podcast






Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman)

Jupter are pretty busy this year. So this is the next level! Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) is another so cool track and that`s not enough! The E.P. was made completely perfect with remixes by some of our favorite artists by Zimmer, Little Boots and Punks Jump Up!  You need to get it now on iTunes!





Little Boots

Punks Jump Up



Jupiter:“One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)“

I cased you missed the upcoming release of Jupiter´s new E.P. One o Six you can now grab the remix of the amazing A.N.D.Y. of it. Simply awesome!



A.N.D.Y.: „Tape Two“

It´s no wonder that A.N.D.Y. is becoming the electronic-disco act of the moment. After launching his solo career, the one half of Mustang dropped out his gorgeous remixes for Philosophy Of SoundThe Supermen Lovers and Jupiter.

Next up it`s his single with Vicente called „Traffic“, which will be released on Discotexas in May. You can already listen to that awesome track in A.N.D.Y.`s really well done „Tape Two“. Have fun with it. This guy is on fire!



1. Patrick Alavi: How Much That Means To Me (Miguel Campbell Re-edit)
2. Rob Made: You & Me
3. Dean Jon: All You
4. Vicente & A.N.D.Y.: Traffic
5. Johnny Mikes: Butterfly
6. Jupiter: One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
7. Worthy: Why You Waiting
8. Patrick L: Call Me (Tiger Stripes Remix)
9. Sneaky Sound System: Really Want To See You Again (Adonis Bros Remix)
10. Cristian Dinamarca: Needy


Get more of A.N.D.Y.






Aeroplane: „March 2012 Mix“

It`s april but it`s Aeroplane`s march mixtape you can not miss. And it`s your perfect start into the week. Get on the ride.



1. Aeroplane – Caramellas ( Joakim Remix )
2. Scuola Furano – On Fire ( Glimmers Remix )
3. Only Children – Down Fever
4. Dzim – Run Away
5. Hot Chip – Flutes ( Dub Mix )
6. Rik Parkinson – Ain’t No
7. Jupiter – One O Six ( A.N.D.Y. Remix )
8. Alex Metric – Anybody Else
9. L’equipe du Son – She was a dancer
10. Elton Versus Pnau – Good Morning To The Night
11. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II ( Soulwax Remix )