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Monte – 80´s Research Project

With „You should know“ Hamburg producer Monte brought us one of the hottest tracks this year on the „5 years Jackmode“ compilation. Already in my best of 2013 list! In the meanwhile Monte released two fantastic remixes of „Bitches in the Project“ for Amine Edge & DANCE and „You Got Me Insane“ for Jay West & Manuel Sahagun.

Talking about Monte`s excellent tracks it`s necessary to show you these two experimental film-soundtrack tunes he made some months ago. As a test to proove himself that outboard gear matters. His résumé: It does! The result: Monte`s 80´s Research Project. Just impressive! Made with a lot of analog gear. Pure pushing 80´s energy.

Unfortunately it`s absolutely uncertain if this will be released. So go for it and listen to the 80´s Research Project and his latest remixes below! Dope!




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