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Redoutable – Malibu Beach

Nice tune by two french boys from Nîmes and Toulouse called Redoutable. Hope to hear more from them soon. Check out and download their short track called „Malibu Beach“.


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Alden Volney: Agence France Presse (Walter Remix)“

Lovely track by the fantastic Walter. Get it as free download!




Rhum For Pauline: „I Can Reach The Top“

„I Can Reach The Top“ is the latest single by „Rhum For Pauline“ from Nantes, France. It`s the first single from their upcoming EP out on january 25th 2012 on the fantastic Parisian FVTVR-Label (write it: Futur). You can already get the single on iTunes. We are looking forward to hear more soon by Rhum For Pauline and FVTVR.

I Can Reach The Top by Rhumforpauline


Also watch the video.

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FVTVR Records

FVTVR Records on Soundcloud