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Christian Strobe: „Love Without Love E.P.“

It`s already out, but you need to know the new EP by Christian Strobe „Love Without Love“. Relaxed beach club party or sweaty dancefloor ? Kissing in the moonlight or worshipping the flashlights? All bets are off! Hands-up trancy synth stabs, catchy vocals, a lot of „Ahhs“&“Ohhs“ and asskickin‘ drums. That’s it. You need it more traditional? Take the classic version with many oldschool piano house chords, filtersweeping retro-synths and digital 80ies touch. DX7 rules.

Still awake? “Nighthawk” is driving you through a hot suspense-packed night; you feel the deep kick, no chance to take a breath. Final destination: Nightclub.

“Helen” is your secret dancefloor affair. She’s loud, fast and likes to disco. But she never forgets to be lovely. Treat her well!

It`s already out since last friday, march 30th. Get it on Beatport or iTunes.

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