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Sally Shapiro – Elsewhere Remix Album

One of our favorite artists, the swedish duo Sally Shapiro, just released a remix album of their „Elsewhere“ album some days ago. It`s packed full with extraordinary remixes by great producers like Lovelock, Mitch Murder, Little Boots, Henning Fürst, Young Galaxy, The Field, Com Truise and more. We picked two amazing remixes by Mitch Murder and Lovelock for you to listen. Epic! Don`t miss the others and get all the remixes on Juno!



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COM TRUISE: „Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape“

Have a break for this fresh mixtape by Com Truise. Get it for free on Soundcloud.




1. VHS 1
2. Wutendes Glas
3. VHS 2
4. Advisory Circle – Sundial
5. Boards of Canada – Iced Cooly
6. New Order – This Time Of Night (Live)
7. Skinny Boys – Unity
8. Harry Forbes – Technicality No. 3
9. Andy Clark – Fat Cats
10. Das Kabinette – Fudge It
11. The Fashion – Future Girl (Instrumental)
12. Dave Jackson – Mini Logos 4
13. Jeff Newmann – Future Design
14. International Music System – Dancing Therapy
15. Com Truise – A DAT 2
16. Com Truise – A DAT 3
17. Steve Everitt – Breakdance
18. Luis Jardim – Soul Train
19. Com Truise – I dream (For you)
20. Mark J. Cairns – Airwolf Theme




Foster The People: „Helena Beat (Com Truise Remix)“

We love Com Truise and he made an amazing remix for Foster The Peoples`s Helena Beat. „Synthy excellence! Killed it“, is one of the reactions for tihs track, and we say „yes it is“! Listen up…
Foster The People – Helena Beat (Com Truise Remix) by Com Truise