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Anoraak – Chronotropic (Album Teaser)

This is it! Just a few days to wait until Anoraak`s new album will be released on october 21st on Grand Blanc. And what can I say after listening to the album teaser? It`s simply fantastic and overrun all my expectations! Anoraak developed his voice in a new way, more deeper-sounding on some of the tracks. On the other side there is his good known singing with a very lyrical feeling. Always over extremely pushing and even relaxing beats with awesome bass, guitars and synths. I think you cannot to different as to be enthused of this. Looking very much forward to this! If you haven’t heard yet, take a listen below.




Remixes: Justin Faust, Anoraak, Russ Chimes, Le Crayon – and more

Can`t remember a week which was packed with such great remixes like in the last seven days. First Anoraak dropped out his remix of „Trying to be cool“ by Phoenix. Looking forward to get this gorgeous remix. Seriously: There are not many artists in this world who can do it better and so smart like Anoraak.

Unless there comes this Justin Faust-guy, who presented a little gift to start the week: A so called „fun remix“ of one his favorite Justin Timberlake songs „Like I Love You“ as free download. Terrific party track Justin Faust!

While there has been a lof of amazing other original releases this week like new E.P.s from ATTAR!, REFLEX, Peter & The Magician, Munk, Lancelot, Miguel Migs, Rebeka and more, Russ Chimes and Le Crayon presented another two really catchy remixes. Russ Chimes remix of „Cold Front“ by Laura Welsh will be out on July 15th. Already out on Lancelot`s Thinking Of You E.P. it`s the remix by Le Crayon.

Four fantastic tunes followed by a lot more stuff this week like remixes by The Final DJs, Fear Of Tigers, Italo Brutalo, Tagteam Terror, Mario Basanov and of course more. Check it all out below, even soundcloud will maybe not allow german readers to listen directly here in the embedded players. Sorry for that, just go directly to the actors soundcloud page. And: have some fun!











Visitor – RNB

We are looking forward to Visitors forthcoming E.P. called COMING HOME//RNB which will be released on 10th september. You can now already listen to the massive first track „RNB“. It`s introducing an incredible E.P. including huge remixes by Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, Symbolone, Vanguard, Easy D and others. 

Yes you read it right! All this awesome names plus Visitor`s „Coming Home“ will made this to a real highlighting E.P. coming up in this autumn. Check out the promo video and listen to RNB below.We can`t wait!

In case you missed Visitor´s remix for Sound of Arrows earlier this year you find it here.


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Arcade Fire: „Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix)“ [Radio-Rip]

It’s the first official Soulwax-Remix since MGMT – Kids!

Social Disco Club: „Disco Sucks! (Again?)“

Social Disco Club put this track on the B side of Hands Of Time Gold VIII. „Disco Sucks! (Again?)“ is a „gold“ release witch means its an edit or something like that. Coming soon on 12″ and digital.




Pegase: „The Bad Side Of Love (Teaser)“

Pegase debut EP is coming on apiril 23th. Here is a teaser of the 2nd single „The Bad Side Of Love“.




DATO: „Letting Go (Extended Mix) – Preview“

DATO are coming up with their new track „Letting Go“. Out on march 5th on Muller Records. Listen to the preview below.