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Final DJs – Flash in The Night EP

Wanna get a flash in the night? Final DJs present their latest and really catchy two-track EP „Flash In The Night“ and they are giving it away for free! „Flash In The Night“ is a driving tune, pushing you forward like on a hot and neon night trip. The second track „Los Angeles“ has it all: full of passion with funky sax, relaxed beats and smooth synths. Feeling kind of a Miami Vice beachparty in LA! Grab it both below.




Tristesse Contemporaine – Woodwork EP

Record Makers present this new E.P. called „Woodwork“ by Tristesse Contemporaine. They call them a stateless trio from Japan, the UK and Sweden who chose Paris as their battleground. Again after Tristesse Contemporaine`s first album in 2012, produced by Pilooski (Discodeine), this E.P. is catchy, strong and very mesmerizing. Get your copy here!


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Xinobi – Puma

In case you missed this, which is highly improbable, here is Xinobi`s new tune „Puma“. Rounded up with a second amazing track called „Woods“ Xinobi is dropping out again some huge quality stuff. Get it already now on Beatport and on all the other shops like iTunes, Juno and more on May 17th. And there will be more excellent stuff coming this summer on D.I.S.C.O.T.E.X.A.S. Watch out for it.




Black Van – Inside E.P.

Champions League time with this gorgeous EP by KoweSix and Kris Menace a.k.a. Black Van. Including fabulous remixes by MUNK and Oliver this plus another track called „Pinacolada“ are completing Black Van`s EP to the highest point! What more to say? Listen now below, buy it, take it with you to your nye-party and put it on repeat for the next months.




Shindu – Just Go Remix E.P.

Shindu`s Just Go is getting into the second round. Time for remixes by excellent artists like Oxford, Kamp!, Reflex and the Plaisir de France-Remix in a Jerry Bouthier edit. Simply awesome!



Blackbird Blackbird – It’s A War

It`s a war is taken from Blackbird Blackbird`s Boracay Planet EP.




Aeroplane feat Jamie Principle – In Her Eyes EP

Another fall with brandnew and awesome nu stuff by mastermind Aeroplane. His latest EP featuring Jamie Principle „In Her Eyes“ of course reminds of Yazoo screaming „Don`t Go“. It the first release on Aeroplanes label AeroPop and it includes some great remixes by Beni, Tiger & Woods, Chopstick & Johnjohn and Louis La Roche which you can listen below. Get the whole EP now and here!