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Best of 2011 – Nr. 1: Crystal Fighters: „At Home“

Number one this year 2011 is „At Home“ by „Crystal Fighters“. Freaking, beautiful, addictive music! Hear it, watch the video and also listen to the great remix by „Fusty Delights“.


Crystal Fighters – At Home (Radio Edit) by Crystal Fighters


At Home (Fusty Delights Remix) by Crystal Fighters




Best of 2011 – Nr. 2: Mitzi: “All I Heard”

Number 2 of the best tracks in 2011 is „All I Heard“ by by four guys from Brisbane, Australia who are called „Mitzi“. “

All I Heard“ was their first E.P. on Future Classic. Perfect to have a real good time on the disco dancefloor, and feel refreshed. Maybe the publicity of this is a little bit underrated but already at listening for the first time to it i noticed this is something extraordinary with an impressive effect. Play it and everybody feels fantastic!


Mitzi – All I Heard (Radio edit) by Mitzi (Band)


Also have a look at the video!




Best of 2011 – Nr. 3: Housse De Racket: „Roman“

„Roman“ by „Housse De Racket“ delivered two wonderful songs this year: first the the original sing-along anthem from their second album ‚Alesia‘ and then a real good and perfect remix by „Oliver“. So this is number 3 of the best in 2011. Enjoy this very pretty remix by Oliver and the energetic original tune.
Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix) by Housse De Racket

Housse De Racket – Roman by Housse De Racket

By the way there has also been more of Housse De Racket with „Chateau“ , wich was already released in 2010.

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Best of 2011 – Nr. 4: Kamp!: “Cairo”

One more time a D.I.S.C.O.T.E.X.A.S. label act on number 4 of the best tracks in 2011. Polish trio Kamp! with their electro-pop chillwave tune „Cairo“. The song remembered me of cut copy the first time. Later i was sure that this is not even different to them, it`s also a high-end produced song which has his very special own style by this guys, who already made it into my favourites of the 2010 with „Heats“ and „Distance Of The Modern Hearts.

The track has also been attended by a fantastic remix of Moullinex beside mixes from „Social Disco Club„, „JBAG“ and „Philosophy Of Sound„. While the Moullinex remix was found in DJ-Sets of Justin Faust or Anoraak, the amazing original kicked off The Magician`s magic tape fourteen. But i think you don`t have to know that to enjoy this song. Just go on and listen to this. Hope to get more soon from Kamp! If not done yet, buy the Cairo E.P. on Beatport, Juno or iTunes.

Cairo by Kamp!

Kamp! also released a video for „Cairo“

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Best of 2011 – Nr. 5: Yelle: “Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)“

Like it or not: Madeon`s Remix of „Que Veux Tu“ by Yelle is on number 5. Another one by Madeon, again moving beats and sweet sound. Maybe too sweet for somebody but also extraordinary good. That`s it!

Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) by Madeon

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Best of 2011 – Nr. 6: Oliver: “Walk With Me”

Nr. 6: „Oliver: „Walk With Me“ was released one year ago and so this was a really special one in the early months of 2011. A kick-off for more amazing discoenergy sound by Oliver like their tracks „All Night“, „I Need You“, „Memories Of The Future“ or remixes for Juan Atkins, Housse De Racket, Chromeo and more. Behind the Los Angeles duo Oliver stands namely Vancouver’s Vaughan Oliver aka U-Tern and Oliver Goldstein aka Oligee. And i guess it`s true if i say „Oliver“ is my artist of the year.

Oliver – Walk With Me by U-Tern


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Best of 2011 – Nr. 7: Zimmer: “Cruisin”

Number 7 of the best tracks in 2011 is „Cruisin“ by „Zimmer“. I played this track all the time from spring til now and it is also perfect while a relax cruisin drive to the see. Tagged as nudisco, balearic, body-warming, enthusiastic, feel-good sound by this smart french guy who is based in berlin.

Later in the year Zimmer brought out his Horizental Disco EP on D.I.S.C.O.T.E.X.A.S. including „Cruisin“ in an extended version and three amazing new tracks. I am or sure there is more awesome feelgood-disco still to come in 2012.

Zimmer – Cruisin‘ by Zimmer