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Maethelvin – Composer Series 005

Maethelvin – Composer Series 005
This is a big flashback to the the legendary Valerie Collective. Eight years after the birth of Valerie and six years after the „Valerie and Friends“ compilation which is an absolut classic in this time. Now Maethelvin marks his official debut with the highly anticipated CS005, bringing together his first compositions—entirely remastered just for your enjoyment.
Representing Maethelvin`s amazing sound, listen to one of my favorite tunes of summer 2010: „Delight“!


Hear all tracks of the album below:


Also listen to Maethelvin`s special mixtape including all of his major influences.


Electrosexual – Lay My Eye (Official Video)

Electrosexual - Lay My Eye
Berlin based french electronic-disco-pop producer Electrosexual just dropped this cool video of his beautiful tune „Lay My Eye“, directed by Christine Rho in Los Angeles october this year. It`s the first song to announce Electrosexual’s first full length album „Art Support Machine“, which will be released in march next year. Get „Lay My Eye“ already on Bandcamp. Congratulations to Electrosexual for this amazing work!

Electrosexual – „Lay My Eye“ (Official Music Video) from Christine Rho on Vimeo.

„Lay My Eye“ on YouTube

Electrosexual on Soundcloud

Electrosexual on Facebook


Anoraak – Chronotropic

Finally this is out today! Anoraak`s new album on Grand Blanc is definity one of the hottest albums this year! Like written here before it is simply a fantastic record and overrun all my expectations! Anoraak`s vocals developed his voice in a new way, more deeper-sounding on some of the tracks. Brilliant basslines, synths, pianos, funky guitar-riffs combined with extremely cool and soulful vocals. A lot of uplifting, pushing and also relaxing tunes. Very excited about this! Go for it and buy it here!




Anoraak – Chronotropic (Album Teaser)

This is it! Just a few days to wait until Anoraak`s new album will be released on october 21st on Grand Blanc. And what can I say after listening to the album teaser? It`s simply fantastic and overrun all my expectations! Anoraak developed his voice in a new way, more deeper-sounding on some of the tracks. On the other side there is his good known singing with a very lyrical feeling. Always over extremely pushing and even relaxing beats with awesome bass, guitars and synths. I think you cannot to different as to be enthused of this. Looking very much forward to this! If you haven’t heard yet, take a listen below.




Sally Shapiro – Elsewhere Remix Album

One of our favorite artists, the swedish duo Sally Shapiro, just released a remix album of their „Elsewhere“ album some days ago. It`s packed full with extraordinary remixes by great producers like Lovelock, Mitch Murder, Little Boots, Henning Fürst, Young Galaxy, The Field, Com Truise and more. We picked two amazing remixes by Mitch Murder and Lovelock for you to listen. Epic! Don`t miss the others and get all the remixes on Juno!



Like Sally Shapiro here and follow them here!


Empire Of The Sun – Alive

No doubt we have to talk about this. One of the most exciting projects in the scene of dancemusic in the past years just arrived back this spring. After their amazing debut album in 2008 „Empire Of the Sun“ developed slowly to one of the most outstanding electro-pop-acts worldwide and finally with huge success and a number one hit in germany.

So now they let us full-throatedly know that they are „Alive“. It`s taken from the second and forthcoming album “ Ice On The Dune“ by the australian duo of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore (1/2 of Pnau).

Hopefully this is turning in the right and a good direction. „Alive“ seems definitely made for a big singing and shaking crowd which could be some drunken kids in a pub or likewise some football fans in a stadium. Maybe this is the next „Chelsea Dagger“? I am very curious to hear more new by this guys which made the soundtrack of my summer in 2009. The new album will be out on June 18th on Astralwerks. Can`t wait for more different sound.



Kavinsky – Protovision

New one by the already now legendary Kavinsky. „Protovision“ is bringing you the typical Kavinsky Sound like from his older tunes on his early EPs „1886“ or „Teddy Boy“. The tune will be on the Soundtrack of the Movie „Outrun“, produced by Kavinsky. The movie will be out early next year. We are lookig forward to this. Amazing comeback by Kavinsky!