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Waze & Odyssey Bump & Grind (Le Youth Remix)

Play Waze & Odyssey Bump & Grind (Le Youth Remix)

Something new by Le Youth with a punching remix for Waze & Odyssey´s R. Kelly Bump `n`Grind Rework. Already discovered in late 2012 Waze & Odyssey re-released it as radio-version late august this year. Now, Le Youth is thrilling this tune again with his fantastic remix!


OHYEAH’s Favorite Ten – September MMXIV Mix

OHYEAH (Official)
Time for a quality mixtape! Cologne producer and DJ OHYeah is one our favorite artists when it comes to get an extracool mixtape every month! OHYEAH never goes wrong when he put together his personal monthly top ten tunes. Listen to his september tape below and check out his other music so far here!



1. Satin Jackets – Gelee Royale
2. B.G. Baarregaard- Flashback (In My Mind)
3. Pyxis – Dilla
4. Matt Hughes – Star System
5. XTRAFUNK – Use A Airplane
6. Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)
7. Mary J. Blige – Family Affair (Pakem Edition)
8. PurpleDiscoMachine – Musique
9. Luke Million – Robots
10. The Aston Shuffle – Back And Forth (MooZ Remix)


Big Data – Dangerous (Oliver Remix)

Big Data Dangerous (Oliver Remix)

Hot remix for Brooklyn`s Big Data feat. Joywave by superstars Oliver Oligee Goldstein and Vaughn Oliver which you of course know as the quality producers „Oliver„. Dangerous is out today and it`s also packed with remixes from ASTR, Sweet Valley Music, Sebu of Capital Cities, Spacebrother and more! Listen to Oliver`s epic remix and the fantastic original tune below!



Electrosexual – Automatic People Feat. Hanin Elias

Electrosexual Automatic People Feat. Hanin Elias
Rock Machine Records mastermind Electrosexual just released his latest single „Automatic People“. It`s a collaboration with former founding member of Atari Teenage Riot „Hanin Elias“. Again Electrosexual created an excellent tune wich contains driving synthesizers laced with some impressing vocals. Listen to it and see the video below!



Electrosexual – Automatic People Feat Hanin Elias (Official Video) from Electrosexual on Vimeo.


Poom – Les Voiles (Dim Sum Remix)

Poom - Les Voiles (Dim Sum Remix)

Dim Sum brings the remix of the week! Based at the young Paris label Soundress, Dim Sun already released his great Dim Sum – Coucou Disco Ep earlier this year featuring an amazing remix by LIFELIKE.
Now it`s Dim Sum remixing Poom`s great tune „Les Voiles“. Enjoy this! Grab it as free download!


Goldroom – Till Sunrise (Justin Faust Premix)

Goldroom - Till Sunrise (Justin Faust Premix)
This tune brings together two powerful producers that are the perfect match! Justin Faust did this premix for the forthcoming new single „Till Sunrise“ by Goldroom. The Original will be out on august 11th and featured with vocals by Mammals.

For this release Goldroom decided to try something he calls „The Premix“, which means that anyone can download the vocal stem on soundcloud and make an own remix before the song is even out. Justin Faust did it and we love it! Get it as free download below!



Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix – We Are The Night

Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix - We Are The Night(Short Vocal Cut) Free Download*
What a heatwave is this sweeping tune! Given away as incredible free download gift: This is „We Are The Night“ by Final DJs which teamed up with the great female vocalist Dana Jean Phoenix .

Suited perfect for the beach on day or the dancefloor at night. Like always you can count on Final DJs Basti delivering amazing sound! Enjoy this one.