Adam „MCA“ Yauch

When I was a kid in 1986 my sister`s boyfriend gave me this self-recorded tape starting with 3 tracks of this rapping guys called „Beastie Boys“. From that day on this tape had a real heavy rotation in my „Telefunken“-cassette player in my room and i cannot say that i played it quiet.

And from this day on i knew the Beastie Boys and followed them with their music which came in all the following years. Even until 2010 when i made a special triphop-ambient mixtape called „Motel People“ it including a track by the Beastie Boys named „Lee Majors Comes Again“. In that time the Beastie Boys were still working but it was already a fact that Adam „MCA“ Yauch wasn`t healthy anymore.

Yesterday we heard, what we already could expected, that he died. But even if we could expect, it`s still hard and to remember this guy, look in his eyes and listen to all the cool stuff he made with his friends the Beastie Boys. Thanks man!




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