Thomas Azier: „Metropolitan Tribe“

What a brilliant track by berlin pop-electronic artist Thomas Azier. And thanks to La.Ga.Sta Blog who gave us the attention to his extraordinary first E.P. „Hylas 001“ including the real highlight track called „Red Light“.

The 24-year old multi-instrumentalist Thomas Azier worked the past 4 years tirelessly honing on his sound and emerged with his debut EP „Hylas 001“. Bridging the analogue and digital worlds with symphonic precision, his music is an anthem for the present, pulling from the past, looking to the future, a synthesis of time, sound, and story. His debut album, which will be following his first self produced EP „Hylas 001“ will be out soon.

Listen to „Metropolitan Tribe“ and download it for free and get the full E.P. on Juno or iTunes.

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