Best of 2011 – Nr. 7: Zimmer: “Cruisin”

Number 7 of the best tracks in 2011 is „Cruisin“ by „Zimmer“. I played this track all the time from spring til now and it is also perfect while a relax cruisin drive to the see. Tagged as nudisco, balearic, body-warming, enthusiastic, feel-good sound by this smart french guy who is based in berlin.

Later in the year Zimmer brought out his Horizental Disco EP on D.I.S.C.O.T.E.X.A.S. including „Cruisin“ in an extended version and three amazing new tracks. I am or sure there is more awesome feelgood-disco still to come in 2012.

Zimmer – Cruisin‘ by Zimmer




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