FINAL DJS Feat. Bright Light Bright Light – Lost In Feelings

FINAL DJS Feat. Bright Light Bright Light - Lost In Feelings
Listened to this already some weeks ago in the emergence it. From the first minute I was totally thrilled. What a quality track created by two superb musicians. Maybe one of the most emotional tracks by Final DJs supplement by the highly talented Brightlight Brightlight. It`s even free to download. Just let it work for you! Terrific track!!



HEARTQUAKE ♡ 24hrs ♡ Open Air + Indoors, Berlin, 30 May 2015

Heartquake Berlin 2015

Usually BELL BIV LAEVOE is just featuring fresh and delightful music! This time we have to advert to Heartquake Party in Berlin on the forthcoming weekend! Because this is important!

Heartquake is a fundraiser for Nepal victims by a collective initiative involving members from the following berlin partys and clubs: Loftus Hall, Bei Tola, G day, Mentasm, TrashEra, PartyColare, SchwuZ, ICKY, Pornceptual and MY HAUS.

We would be very grateful if all of you awesome followers would share this special event and naturally very happy if you joy it if you can! At HEARTQUAKE ♡ 24hrs ♡ Open Air + Indoors!

Further information (Copyright by Heartquake collective initiative):

“Heartquake” is a fundraiser party on 30 May 2015 at Loftus Hall in Berlin.
The doors will open at noon (12:00 p.m.) and will stay open for 24 hours. An amazing ensemble of 34 DJs and performance artists/live acts awaits you on 2 indoor floors and 1 outdoor venue.

All donations will be directly channeled to local and queer organizations working in long term recovery projects on the ground in Nepal:

▸▹ Blue Diamond Society (largest LGBTI organization of Nepal:
▸▹ Chautara Sporting Club (CSC) (a local club in Chautara, headquater of Sindhupalchok district led by young boys and girls:
▸▹ Aythos, Inc. (providing medical supplies and shelter:
▸▹ Urban Environment Management Society (supports urban and sub urbs population, especially marginalized communities through its work in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Solid Waste Management, etc.):
▸▹ others (still setting up ways to transfer funds)

Our event is gratefully sponsored by Ginger Ale/Schweppes®, Jameson® as well as actor and producer G Beaudin.

♡♡ Line-Up ♡♡

▼▽ DJs:

Alex Cliche
Billie Ray Martin
Brett Knacksen
Fata Kiefer
Jared Abbott
Joe Roberts
Jon Dark
Joseph Diel
Juan Ramos
Julie Chance
Laura De Vasconcelos
Lucky Pierre
Mario Lauriano
Mauro Feola
Paolo di Nola
Per QX
Projekt Gestalten
Roberto Scatena
Sampo Hanninen
Samuel Gieben
Santiago Lecce
Tim Vitá
Tony Overbeat

▼▽ Performers:

Antonio Onio
Kewin Bo
Otto Oscar Hernández

▸▹ RA event:

♡♡♡ Background:

Over the last couple of weeks, a series of well more than 100 earthquakes, two out of which registering at a magnitude of over 7, has left a trail of devastation in the Himalayan country of Nepal. Especially in the rural areas of Gorkha and Chautara, entire villages have been leveled to the ground. In the capital of Kathmandu, tent cities covering most open spaces have become shelter to thousands.

While relief efforts, hindered by bureaucratic obstacles, continuing aftershocks and landslides blocking many roads, are only slowly starting to reach more remote areas, other problems remain: with most sanitary facilities destroyed and the rainy season ahead, the risk of infection with contagious diseases such as cholera is on the rise. The continuous series of aftershocks, resulting in a sheer never ending possibility of exposure to disaster, has left many people traumatized and caused severe psychological damage. On the other hand, we have been getting personal reports that queer people have been excluded from the distribution of food, water and medical supplies or have not been admitted to shelter at rescue sites. Levels of discrimination may rise in situations where relief authorities, administrative and executive staff perceive discrepancies between gender presentation and documentation of people in need. Prevailing homo- and transphobia, for example among patriarchal military cadres engaged in most relief efforts, further reinforces the marginalization of the already vulnerable LGBTI community in Nepal. Finally, there are reports of increasing incidents of rape and abuse as security forces take control over affected areas.

Although we welcome the international attention Nepal has received in media coverage and the transfer of international aid to the ground, we wish to point to some of the deficits of the way the disaster management is being handled:

– Donating to big international aid organizations such as the Red Cross DOES NOT guarantee that the funds will actually reach Nepal or anybody else in need of relief or assistance. The same goes for Nepali governmental services and organizations. Many of the funds may instead vanish along the way.
– Donating to only a few big organizations NEGLECTS the fact that inequalities and discrimination may be reproduced on the ground; vulnerable social groups such as girls and women, LGBTI people and school children may be excluded or not considered within the dominant paradigms of relief management.

For these reasons, we want to propose an alternative way of channeling funds to people who have been on the scarce end of international aid so far. We are looking forward to dancing with you for this cause.

Thank you for your support!

To get in the right mood, listen to Mauro Feola`s latest mixtape below! Mauro Feola is one important member of the Heartquake collective initiative. Born in the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil), he moved to Berlin in 2009 and has been dropping two queer parties in town since 2013, BEITOLA and Boyola, being resident DJ of both.


Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Feel About U

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader - Feel About U (Mason Remix)

It`s always a good feeling when dutch producer and DJ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader is dropping out new tunes! „Feel About U“ is taking you on a disco flight anywhere you wanna go. Perfect tune for the club, the beach, while a sunset or even better at a sunrise.

Just released by Animal Language Records, a label run by Mason who did a superb remix you can also listen below. Out this week exclusive on Beatport. Other channels following soon.

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader and Mason are both part of the Dutch Disco movement, which also includes 2CV, Pin Up Club, L’Equipe du Son, Quinten 909 and some more. There will be a compilation coming out at the end of June with purely dutch disco artists! Watch out!!





LA SCHMOCK`s mixtape series „BUDDYLECTRIC“ returns with vibing Number 8! Including 13 summer cookies to enjoy your delicious summer!

1. Mitch Murder: Looking Back (Snippet Intro)
2. Cherokee: Passion
3. Xtrafunk: Summer Sun (Cézaire Remix)
4. Hardkiss: Cameras Are Watching (AGFA Remix)
5. Glen Chek: I`ve Got This Feeling (Kartell Remix)
6. Lumoon & Robin: Classique
7. Irregular Disco Workers: Blindfolded (Jad & The Ladyboy`s Disco Workout)
8. Master Chic: Naku Penda Piya
9. Studio Lace: Defender
10. NTEIBINT: Feelings
11. José Gonzales: Let It Carry (Holy Ghost! Remix)
12. Caroline Koch: Timeless (Tchami Remix)
13. Club Cheval: From The Basement To the Roof (Oliver Remix)

Maethelvin – Composer Series 005

Maethelvin – Composer Series 005
This is a big flashback to the the legendary Valerie Collective. Eight years after the birth of Valerie and six years after the „Valerie and Friends“ compilation which is an absolut classic in this time. Now Maethelvin marks his official debut with the highly anticipated CS005, bringing together his first compositions—entirely remastered just for your enjoyment.
Representing Maethelvin`s amazing sound, listen to one of my favorite tunes of summer 2010: „Delight“!


Hear all tracks of the album below:


Also listen to Maethelvin`s special mixtape including all of his major influences.


Christian Strobe – Do You Need Me

Track of the day! Christian Strobes exciting free easter gift „Do You Need Me“ feels so easy and good that this almost marks the official start into summer… Just enjoy this! Amazing tune!



FINAL DJS – Rough Boy (Original Mix)

FINAL DJS - Rough Boy (Original Mix)
At the end of the year Final DJS are giving away this incredibly tune as free download! Rough Boy unifies all the passion and fascination of the Final DJS. Get on a luxuriating ride with it. It´s amazing! Best way to start the new year!